MH370: Still Searching for Answers One Year Later – NBC Nightly News

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    MAFD 7 years ago

    Great interview!

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    Joe 7 years ago

    Hi Greg,
    I’m a big fan of Air Crash Investigation and have greatly respected and enjoyed your input over the years. I realise that in order to solve the mystery of MH370, finding the plane is the number one priority, but do you have any thoughts on the Malaysian response on the night the flight disappeared? Isn’t is highly unusual that almost nothing was done when an unidentified plane showed up on military radar? I have not heard or read of a satisfactory response to the question of why, for instance, they didn’t send jets up to investigate when for instance, Indonesia recently did so when an aircraft travelling from Darwin to Cebu violated its airspace in October 2014. In an (Australian) ABC TV interview ( the acting Malaysian transport minister was directly asked the question, he gave a bumbling, almost incoherent response. I realise its a sensitive issue and reputations are on the line but given the gravity of the situation, and the fact that any tiny bit of information and evidence can contribute to finding the plane, should investigators and the international community be putting more pressure on Malaysia to provide transparent answers to questions such as this? Regards, Joe

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