TransAsia Airways Flight 235

Taiwan’s ASC – two pilots at the controls had 4,914 hours and 6,922 hours total flying experience, an instructor with 16,121 hours total occupied the observer’s seat. The investigation of the flight data and cockpit voice recorders indicates the pilots received takeoff clearance at 10:51Z, in the initial climb the aircraft was handed off to departure at 10:52:33Z. At 10:52:38Z a master warning activated related to the failure of the right hand engine, at 10:52:43Z the left hand engine was throttled back and at 10:53:00Z the crew began to discuss engine #1 had compressor stalled or flamed out. At 10:53:06Z the right hand engine (engine #2) auto-feathered.

At 10:53:12Z a first stall warning occurred and ceased at 10:53:18Z. the crew discussed that engine #1 had already feathered, the fuel supply had already been cut to the engine and decided to attempt a restart of engine #1. Two seconds later another stall warning activated. At 10:53:34Z the crew radioed “Mayday! Mayday! Engine flame out!”, multiple attempts to restart the engines followed to no avail. At 10:54:34Z a second master warning activated, 0.4 seconds later both recorders stopped recording.


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